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Asia Link


We have had a special link with AsiaLink for several years now at St Paul’s School.

AsiaLink is a charity that helps Christians in parts of the world where it is very difficult and dangerous to follow Jesus. They also help people who have never had the chance to hear about Jesus.

Miss Towers has had quite a few adventures with AsiaLink! She has visited countries in S E Asia and met some very brave and inspirational Christians there.

One group that we are especially connected to is KT Camp. This is a school and home for Burmese refugee children in Thailand. They have had to leave their country (Burma) because the government there want to kill them, and they escaped across the river into Thailand.  AsiaLink partners look after them on KT, which is in the Thai jungle! Miss Towers went there to help the children and to teach the Bible at a holiday club, but she thinks she learned much more from them than they did from her!

We pray for the children on KT Camp and God has helped them and answered lots of our prayers over the years. We also have special concerts to raise money to send to AsiaLink to help the children who live there. We raised money to send them Lion Storyteller Bibles (like we have in our classes) and also some special teddy bears that Mrs. Cherry and her friends knitted for the children to help them not have nightmares when they go to sleep.

The children on KT made us crosses for our school, out of twigs and string. We have one in each classroom and they are very precious to us and help us to remember to pray for the person who made them.

Watch this space for updates on AsiaLink’s work!


You can see some pictures from the camp and the children Miss. Towers met here: