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Carr hill High School Engineering Project

This morning 4 of our Year 6 pupils travelled to Carr Hill High School to take part in a competitive engineering project. 


They had a model of the solar system and had to design and build a rocket that would travel through the model. 

They worked with card, sellotape, paper, lolly sticks and art straws to build a rocket which would be powered using compressed air to shoot it through the model of the solar system.


Once the design had been finalised they had to buy the materials to build it, test the design and come up with a final model which was entered in to the competition. 


Points were given for design, aesthetics, distance travelled, team work, resilience and accuracy of trajectory along with value for money! The four boys from St Paul's worked very hard and were placed mid filed in the eventual tally up of points. Well done to all of them. Take a look at the photos.