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Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


We learned all about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. It is a very special time when people in China get together with their families.


Did you know that 2017 is the year of the rooster?
We found out about the special story of why the years in China are named after animals. The animals had a race across the river because the emperor wanted to make a new calendar. The rat came first because he cheated – he pushed the poor cat into the river. We thought that was very funny!


People have dragon dances in the street! We listened to some lovely Chinese music and watched a dragon dance, then did our own dragon dances with a big dragon that Miss Rielly made. We were amazing at moving in time to the music and swirling in and out, like a real dragon!


People decorate their homes with fairy lights and lanterns – like our Christmas lights! We made beautiful, glittery, red lanterns to decorate our classroom.


We made beautiful fans with our names on in Chinese writing. We drew pictures and then folded the paper very carefully. We made folded dragon puppets too.


Children in China are given a red envelope full of money under their pillow. We thought this was a bit like the stockings we get on Christmas Day. We made red money envelopes and counted Chinese yen into them. Some of us even wrote how many yen were inside using Chinese number writing!


People have special food for Chinese New Year – we tasted green tea, noodles and rice and satsumas. We weren’t too keen on the green tea, but our favourite was the noodles. We want to have noodles every day for tea! We loved eating with chopsticks, instead of knives and forks - it was such fun!