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Kings' Day

Kings' Day


We had a lovely afternoon celebrating Kings' Day on our first day back to school after Christmas.

We found out that the wise men (or kings) who visited baby Jesus had such a long journey and it took such a long time, that people celebrate their day after Christmas in January!


We had an assault course race and then a lovely joining-in-story called "We're going on a journey". It was like the Bear Hunt, but for the wise men looking for the new baby King!


We had to go through:

  • a lush, green meadow
  • a fast, flowing river
  • a steep, rocky mountain
  • a hot, dry desert
  • a dark, creepy forest
  • a huge, golden palace
  • a dirty, dusty stable

And that's where we found the new baby King - Jesus!



What a journey!


People in other countries celebrate King's Day (the posh name is Epiphany!) by giving each other a present and having a special Kings' Cake.



Miss Towers brought us one back to share all the way from Switzerland. We were glad that it didn't get squashed on the plane!

We thought it was DELICIOUS!





There is a little king ornament hidden inside one piece of cake. If you get that piece, you are king or queen for the day and wear a special golden crown and get to keep the king ornament. We were very excited about that!



At the end of the day, we sang "Wise Men Three" - you can watch the video on the VIDEO section of this website.

(Access via: Children - VIDEO)




Rev. Fiona's worship was all about Epiphany too! She told us about the presents she had got for Christmas and why the wise men gave gold frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus.


She said they were very special gifts:

  • gold because Jesus is the King of the world
  • frankincense because Jesus is the High Priest and is the way to God
  • myrrh because Jesus would die a very special death so that we could be friends with God


We know that Jesus is not a baby anymore and we thought that the best gift we can give to Jesus is our heart and our love.