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Bryning With Warton St Paul's CE Primary School

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Opal (Reception)

smileyWelcome to Opal Classsmiley

Our Teacher is Miss Yates. 

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Rielly.



For Spring Term Remote Learning Information please click on 'Supporting Learning at Home'

Our lovely indoor and outdoor classrooms 😊

Forest School

This week in Forest School we read the story 'Stickman'. After reading it we went to find a stick that we could make into a stick person. We used a potato peeler to make a flat surface for a face and used string to attach some arms and legs. 

The stick people went for an adventure around Forest School. We visited the beach, took a mud bath, went for a swim and went home to the family tree. 

After all that fun, we had a hot chocolate to warm us up. 


Learning at home and at shool

Week Two

What a great week of learning Opal Class!

In phonics we have learnt new letter sounds and even a digraph - y, x, z, qu - and have been practicing reading and writing sentences.

We have been learning about how Jesus was a good friend and helped others when they were in trouble. We read the story 'Calming the Storm' and used different resources at home and at school to retell the story. 

We have been learning about why sharing is important and, after reading Sharing a Shell, we thought about ways we could be better friends by sharing and taking turns. 

We had a fantastic time at Forest School this week, take a look at the photos above!

We learnt about a different type of weather, wind, and made wind spinners to see how strong the wind was. We also tested the strength of the Three Little Pigs houses when they were blown with wind to see if they fell down or not.

Finally, we ended the week with a lot of noise by seeing how loud different instruments were. We made our own shaker instruments and tried to make one quiet and one loud! 

Wow, Opal Class what a lot of learning!  

Learning at home and at school 

Week One

This week we have had some children learning at home and some children learning at school.

I have been so proud of all of the children who have been joining us for learning at school, from their houses!

We have been learning new sounds - j, v, w, x - in phonics.  We have been making number bonds to 5 in lots of different ways. We have been learning about people who take care of us, the weather and the artist Andy Goldsworthy. 

Well done Opal Class!

Happy Friendship Friday

Bonfire Night