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In science this term we are learning about light. We have learnt the terms transparent, translucent and opaque. We then used translucent paper to make our balloons. Check out our classroom window as you pass by.
We have learnt that when light hits an opaque object a shadow is formed. A shadow is formed because the light can't pass through or go round the object so it leaves a patch of darkness. We made some models from cubes and shone a beam of light on it with our torch. We then observed the position and size of the shadow.

Investigating shadows.

We also got the chance to explore our own shadows one sunny afternoon. We were challenged to make small, wide and tall shadows. We played shadow tig and we tried to touch the head of our shadow, one girl made it look easy!

We also found some great computer games. Google-  light games ks2 and try ......

BBC light and dark.

Light -  Everyschool - Alien attack.

Topmarks - Light and shadow.